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  • 02/20/17--15:03: Magu agonistes
  • Shorn of its classical flavour, this headline simply means the agony (or many agonies) of Magu. But why might Ibrahim Magu, acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), be in agony? Did he, like Diezani Alison-Madueke, former minister of Petroleum Resources, just forfeit US $153 million (N34 billion) to the Federal Government, […]

    The post Magu agonistes appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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    Sometime in October 2016, a colleague on The Nation Editorial Board asked if Ripples would be available to review a book, soon billed for launch, on Nigerian contemporary politics and history. The book’s title was provocative – how a people who never fought a war became the losers of that war.  It promised something, if […]

    The post National question or just gaming for relevance? appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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    Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, SAN, as simply “Arakunrin” (Yoruba for generic male, connoting “commoner”), reminds one of Shakespeare’s tragic hero, Caius Marcius Coriolanus, in the play, Coriolanus. In the most romantic accounts, Coriolanus was a boy-general, crucial to victories against the Volscians, fierce rival-neighbours of old Rome, though Coriolanus was hardly out of his teens. But […]

    The post From Iroko to Arakunrin: Ondo on the march again appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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  • 03/13/17--16:03: That Soludo yabis
  • The Soludo bomb, that the Buhari Presidency met a poor economy, but made it poorer still, is somewhat reminiscent of Fela (God bless his soul) in his African Shrine days. When the irreverent Afrobeat king-priest got into his elements, and his doting votaries were taut with expectations, this breezy question-and-answer would ensue: “Make I yab […]

    The post That Soludo yabis appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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    From his wild rants, Ayo Fayose, Ekiti governor, cuts the picture of a doomed dog, deaf to the hunter’s whistle. His gruff request for a “refund”, of “his” N10 million, the then President Olusegun Obasanjo allegedly extorted for his presidential library, from sitting governors in 2005, could well be due comeuppance for brazen hypocrisy.  But […]

    The post At 80: Ebora Owu sweet and sour appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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  • 03/27/17--16:03: Fani leads ‘em to Kigali
  • Femi Fani-Kayode is strutting to Kigali.  Yet, the Yoruba nation — at least its media-savvy denizens — barge along, too angry, it appears, to remember their essence. When did the cherished Omoluabi credo (in-born nobility, founded on honour, equity and justice) start endorsing criminality, simply because the alleged perpetrator is Yoruba? Or what else do […]

    The post Fani leads ‘em to Kigali appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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  • 04/03/17--16:03: Ode to ideas and compassion
  • For Asiwaju Bola Tinubu at 65, it is ode to brilliant ideas and deep compassion — and just as well; for no politician of his generation better epitomizes these two concepts. But the remarkable thing about this year’s birthday: that Tinubu philosophy, of razor-sharp ideas founded on deep compassion, is seeping into the grassroots. That […]

    The post Ode to ideas and compassion appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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    You can’t step in the same river twice  —Heraclitus, Greek philosopher The excitement reached a head, as the party hit the November 27 interchange, that flies over Gbongan road, in Osogbo. He was no yokel; but in his excitement, prancing and skipping, he yodelled like one. “Ogbeni, the Awolowo of our time,” he chirped, “don’t forget theRead More

    The post Osun: History meets the historic appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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  • 04/17/17--16:03: Save Stella Monye’s son
  • Ace crooner, Stella Monye, needs N20 million (US $50, 000) to save her only child, Ibrahim. But why should anyone listen to her cries? Ever read Michael Echeruo’s Victorian Lagos? The magic of that book, of late 19th century Lagos Island, was its charming sketch of cultural symbols, that shaped the temper of that era.Read More

    The post Save Stella Monye’s son appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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  • 04/24/17--16:03: Elite children of perdition
  • Nigeria’s elite children of perdition easily forget:  Goodluck Jonathan’s electoral rout of 2015 was a rejection of a feckless fellow, as it was an elite gambit at class preservation. Yeah, a bumbling Jonathan had to go; for his scandalous humbug was fast demystifying the elite, and the hoi polloi were rumbling — just as aRead More

    The post Elite children of perdition appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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  • 05/01/17--16:03: Between Fayose and Kanu
  • Ekiti maverick, Ayodele Fayose and IPOB’s Nnamdi Kanu, are a peculiar pair. The one is twice a blight on his Ekiti generation.  The other, a heady presage to avoidable catastrophe: again, for the second time, in a generation. They made quite a sensational pair at an Abuja court on April 25 with Fayose, all infantileRead More

    The post Between Fayose and Kanu appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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  • 05/08/17--16:03: Death of empathy
  • The president is sick, with not a few fixated with morbid tales and ghoulish fancies. But what is clear here, even in every mortal’s helpless surrender to the uncertain certainty of death, is the death and burial of empathy.  That is a roaring shame. In formal creative prose, you were taught — at least Mr. PiusRead More

    The post Death of empathy appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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  • 05/15/17--16:02: The troika self-rouses
  • Generals Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babangida and Abdulsalami Abubakar, all former military heads of state, rouse themselves at the scent of presidential ill health.  Rendezvous point: IBB’s Minna hill top mansion. Is that exemplary statesmanship for a nation in dire straits?  Or just an umpteenth season of cold power gaming? Even if the motive were clean,Read More

    The post The troika self-rouses appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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  • 05/22/17--16:03: Edo: Renaissance afoot?
  • In Benin City, there is a sweet whiff of Lagos. In Lagos,  Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, like the Biblical David, came and fought all the battles, state and federal, to soundly establish the Lagos neo-political economy. Two “Solomons” after, in Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN (2007-2015) and Akinwunmi Ambode (2015-date), that “kingdom” is so solidly anchored. At 50,Read More

    The post Edo: Renaissance afoot? appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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    Correct the mistake of 2015. Vote out the corrupt legislators Today, exactly 50 years ago on 30 May 1967, the Republic of Biafra was born. “Now Therefore I, Lieutenant-Colonel Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, Military Governor of Eastern Nigeria, by virtue of the authority, and pursuant to the principles recited above,” he announced in a broadcast, which thereafterRead More

    The post From old Biafran to new: war is nasty business appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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    It’s a season of supremacists; and Biafra, Oodua and allied acolytes preen, strut, caper and crow! It is not unlike that Yoruba proverb: at the fall of Ajanaku, the mighty elephant, knives and daggers of different hues go ga-ga! Is the Nigerian Ajanaku, sired since 1914 by Lord Frederick Lugard, about to buckle — andRead More

    The post Biafra, Oodua and allied acolytes appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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  • 06/12/17--16:03: Vandals at the court gate
  • Stained judges, preening from the Bench, are akin to barbarians sacking the Rome of Justice. Yet, that’s the path of self-ruin the National Judicial Council (NJC) is treading. Vandals at the gate of Rome — that echoes the Goth siege to Rome, preceding the 410 AD sacking of the city. By 476 AD came finalRead More

    The post Vandals at the court gate appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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  • 06/19/17--16:03: Wanted: a Third Force
  • “The civil war was a disaster, the failure of reason and the triumph of egoism and narrow-mindedness” — Sam Amadi, in a 4 September 2002 piece published in This Day, headlined “Nigeria: enter the Third Force”   The first casualty of the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970) was reason.  But mutual hurt sharpened the knife forRead More

    The post Wanted: a Third Force appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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  • 06/26/17--16:03: Osun: threat to a new order
  • An Osun, it is a birth pang of sorts.  An old order is dying — and frankly, no sane mind would mourn its passage. But a new order is struggling to be born.  Again, until it is delivered, safe, healthy and strong, no sane mind can afford to be sanguine. It’s a dramatic juncture ofRead More

    The post Osun: threat to a new order appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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